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Cover Artist: Junggeun Yoon

Ltd 1,000 Cover A Trade Dress 

Ltd 500 Cover B Virgin Full Color


* Two New Series, Two New Teams - The UNLIMITED POWER Era Begins HERE - And Only Lord Drakkon, Their Greatest Enemy, Can Save Them!

* Superstar writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and fan favorite artist Francesco Mortarino (Go Go Power Rangers) reveal a new cosmic threat that only the original Power Rangers, now known as the Omega Rangers - Jason, Trini and Zack - can hope to defeat!

* But their secret weapon is... the villainous Lord Drakkon?!

* Zordon forbids the Omega Rangers from contacting Drakkon, so if they want to save the universe then they'll have to go rogue - and go up against their Mighty Morphin allies.

* The next big Power Rangers epic begins here, perfect for longtime fans and new readers alike.

**This item is expected to ship mid December 2020. Will not be offering or accepting refunds for any delayed comics that are out of our control. We appreciate your understanding.
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